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"The woman of the couple finds other people to socialise with, and the man realises he's not the centre of attention that he [expected to] be, and thinks 'This isn't as much fun as I thought it would be," Sheff said. Remember — everyone has feelings Alex* is in a polyamorous relationship with his wife.

They were monogamous for a long time, but ended up making friends with many polyamorous people, and it turned into quite a normal thing in their social circle. Seek out your local poly groups, sure, and go to poly cons.

For instance, in the mainstream Business Insider: What it means for couples to go 'unicorn hunting' — and why it usually doesn't end well ...

Sometimes couples try out polyamory naively, especially when a straight couple wants to find another bi woman to join them.

I have been on both sides of this equation, as a unicorn dating couples and as a member of a couple dating unicorns together. They are a person with wants and needs of their own, ones that don’t revolve around your preexisting relationship. If you’re looking for a unicorn, as many are, don’t be the hunting kind.

What I had to learn was that couples really shouldn’t be hunting unicorns. If we want unicorns to come and visit us, we should create a safe place for them.

The series stars a 28-year-old divorcee named Annie who decides to explore her sexuality and expand her relatively vanilla horizons by dating couples looking for a third.The couple that opens up a previously closed relationship and is looking for this unicorn to form a 3-person relationship, they’re the unicorn hunters. And it certainly doesn’t help that many couples place additional restrictions on the unicorn they’re dating.This woman may be barred from having other partners of her own.He wanted another woman to sleep with, but he didn't particularly want her to be able to meet other men.Apparently in the poly community, this is quite a cliché.They are fearless about rooting out unexamined assumptions and spreading them on the table under a bright light for discussion.

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